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About the CMBI

The Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics is a centre for computational molecular sciences. The institute pursues a rigorous research program with topics ranging from computational small-molecule chemistry to bacterial and comparative genomics, protein structure bioinformatics, and systems biology. All research is related to molecular aspects of life sciences, often with a focus on the relation health - disease. The institute's facilities, databases and software packages are available to external scientists. The CMBI is strongly committed to a series of educational projects, ranging from high school to postgraduate courses and from local university student courses to international workshops.

Presently the CMBI staff are involved in the following activities:

  • bioinformatics research
  • computational small-molecule research
  • organising courses and tutorials to support scientists for scientists in many fields
  • maintaining WWW-based servers to give scientists in the Netherlands rapid access to commonly used bioinformatics and small-molecule databases and information systems
  • facilitating data- or expertise-intensive research by allowing scientists to visit us and work in the CMBI for a while

Information leaflets provide more detailed information about the centre's services and (a selection of) the research and educational projects.

The research activities of the institute focus on the topics of the group leaders and senior scientists:

  • Martijn Huynen: computational genomics
  • Tina Ritschel: Drug docking, receptor - ligand interactions
  • Sacha van Hijum: genome analysis
  • Gert Vriend: protein structure bioinformatics

The service activities of the institute focus on the availability of databases and information systems for small molecules and biomolecules, and the software needed to make the best use of them.

The CMBI is involved in many collaborations, most notably the life-sciences initiative with RIMLS.

The institute is involved in many types of biomedical research. Indeed, medicinal bioinformatics is such an important topic that it deserves a special introductory page about bioinformatics and medicine.

Altogether, the institute provides a lively environment for molecular computational scientists. The availability of a large number of experts in the many sub-disciplines of molecular computation make the CMBI the ideal environment for students, AIOs and young scientists to learn about bioinformatics, drug design, and many forms of computational chemistry. The CMBI offers different oppurtunties for students, to follow courses.