Former members of the CMBI

Over the years members from the CMBI started their own companies.
Obviously these companies provide services related to bioinformatics.


Elmar Krieger

Elmar Krieger founded Yasara Biosciences. Yasara is presently undoubtedly the best macromolecular visualizer that is available, but it is also a good model-building tool, it deals intelligently with small molecules, etc.
Chris Spronk  spronknmr Chris Spronk has worked for many years on protein structures solved by NMR. First solving structures in the Kaptein and Vuister groups. Later validating them in the Vriend group. He has now founded an NMR structure solution company.
Henk-Jan Joosten   bio-prodictHenk-Jan Joosten is the founder of Bio-Prodict. Bio-Prodict is a company that delivers bio-informatics services mainly focussing on protein-(superfamily) data handling. Bio-Prodict has developed state of the art protein engineering/mutatant prediction tool (3DM).