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Teacher Support

The CMBI is involved in many educational projects, which range in level from high school, via "HBO" and university to post academic. Most of the education modules are freely available via the WWW and they range in content from small (in)organic molecules via biomolecules to genetics. However, if you want to use (part of) this material in your classroom you need more background information, both about the content and about the technical implemention of the material. For this reason, the CMBI offers support and teacher training for those teachers who want to use (parts of) CMBI material in their courses.

What do we offer?

  • Course material is available via the WWW or can be downloaded and installed locally.
  • Lecture presentations (powerpoint) with teacher notes.
  • Exam questions and answers.
  • One or two day courses for teachers, to go through the material.
  • Develop new teaching material in collaboration with the teacher. It might be desirable to create new tailor-made exercises for the specific student population.
  • Guest-lectures from CMBI teachers.
  • Support from the CMBI teachers, either by email or on site.
  • Discussion meetings with teachers from other universities and HBO schools in the Netherlands.

Which courses and for whom?

  • University teachers.
  • HBO teachers.
  • High School (VWO) teachers.