Previous Internships

Here you can find some examples of previous work done by students.

Keep in mind that the backgrounds of the students and the duration of the internships can vary from medical biology to informatics. Further, these internships vary in length from two weeks to more than a year. Some of these internships were done more than ten years ago, some were very recent.

many of the reports were handed in as web sites. At the moment they were handed in, these web sites all were beautiful, but the server is frequently updated, browsers get updated too, and the CMBI framework gets an overhaul every 5-10 years, so don't blame the students if web sites have suffered a bit over the years. We do NOT expect them to update their web site once they left the CMBI...

Modeling and data mining department

  • Hanka Venselaar: Homology modeling of ErbBs. PDF
  • Janine Ekstijn: The production of a Molecular Class Specific Information System (MCSIS) for Lipid Transfer Proteins (LTPs) and its application in the analysis of residue conservation in LTPs. LINK
  • Koen Bossers: Calcium in proteins. LINK.
  • Harm Denissen: Torsie hoeken in beta bulges. LINK.

Comparative genomics department

  • Leo Jacobs: Tiling microarray, measuring genome wide transcription. PDF

Bacterial genomics department

  • Lex Overmars: Finding relations between genes, using microarray data. LINK
  • Mariëlle Sengers: Genetic Analysis of Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) Biosynthesis in Lactobacillus reuteri. LINK
  • Tom Groot Kormelink: Identification of T-boxes in Gram-positive bacteria. LINK
  • Wendy Pluk: In silico analysis of the regulatory proteins and regulons of L. plantarum. LINK

Computational drug discovery department