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Courses for Researchers

CMBI courses for researchers and scientists

The CMBI offers a course programme with selected topics in Bioinformatics. Please, look at our course program for the latest information about course dates and registration.

For several of the applications mentioned below, also Webtutorials exist that are freely available (i.e. without subscription).

Software User Courses

These are user courses for which the essential goal is to learn how to use the respective CMBI programs (our services). Most courses do contain theoretical background as well as hands-on sessions of the respective programs. Most of the courses take one day except for WHAT IF.

Bioinformatics Courses

International Courses

For this course you have to register in a different way. We would like you to provide some information about your (educational) background before registration. The course page holds the information you need to sign on.

Master Track Bioinformatics

From 2001 untill 2007 the CMBI offered a two-year and a one-year MSc programme in Bioinformatics. From 2008 onwards, students can specialize in bioinformatics within the MSc programmes of molecular life sciences, chemistry, biology and natural sciences.

Miscellaneous Courses

  • Programming in Python