Information for Researchers

The Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics (CMBI) is a multifunctional institute. Its mission is to provide the highest quality molecular and biomolecular informatics services to the Dutch scientific community. The high quality of these services can only be maintained by scientists working at the cutting edge of science. Therefore, the CMBI pursues a vigorous research program. The projects of the individual research groups can be found from the centre's main WWW page, under Research.

It is intended that the research projects show a high degree of intellectual overlap with the services provided.

The bioinformatics research projects range from genome analysis, through sequence alignment, phylogeny, database design and data mining to homology modelling and macromolecular structure validation.

The small-molecule research ranges from quantum chemical calculations on diastereoisomeric salts and the prediction of small molecule crystal forms, through organic reaction kinetics to computational organic synthesis.

We shall soon start research on the interface of small molecules and macromolecules.

The CMBI is involved in many collaborations, notably in the NSR/RIM and in the life-sciences initiative.


The CMBI offers:

  • Individuals who have already obtained a master degree in any other field can obtain a second master degree in bioinformatics by following the shorter, one year Research Master's programme in Bioinformatics .