MSc Specialization Bioinformatics

MSc Students who are interested in Bioinformatics can specialize by taking the specialization Bioinformatics in the general MSc programme of Molecular Life Sciences, Biology, Chemistry or Natural Sciences.  These students will receive a Master's degree in Molecular Life Sciences or Biology with specialization Bioinformatics.

Internship requirements
For this specialization, both  internships should have a research topic within the field of Bioinformatics. One of the internships has to be followed at the CMBI, the other internship can be followed at other departments of FNWI, UMC or at other universities (in the Netherlands or abroad).  

Course requirements 
Master students in Bioinformatics have to follow a total of 25 EC of bioinformatics and bioinformatics-related courses in their BSc and MSc phases. At least 16 EC of these courses needs to be at the Master level. A list of bioinformatics and bioinformatics-related courses (mainly Statistics, Data Management and Informatics), from the RU as well as from other universities is available on request.

More information?
If you need more information please contact Hanka Venselaar