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The CMBI is involved in many educational projects, which range in level from high school, via "HBO" and university to post-academic.

The department of Bioinformatics is part of the CMBI and offers bioinformatics and cheminformatics courses to undergraduate and graduate Radboud students from different disciplines, as well as a complete MSc programme in Bioinformatics.

The bioinformatics courses teach the principles of (protein and nucleic acid) sequence analysis, of comparative genomics, of protein structure analysis, and of the corresponding algorithms. As an example: We do not only teach how to run BLAST, but we teach how and why it works (and why in some cases it doesn't work).

Most of the education modules are freely available through the WWW and they can also be attendend by students or scientists who are not related to the Radboud University.

The CMBI is also a service institute and offers the Dutch scientific community access to many databases and compute servers. The use of these facilities normally requires a certain level of understanding of the underlying theory, and practical `hands-on' experience is required to answer scientific questions properly using the institute's many facilities. A substantial series of courses, ranging in duration from one day to 2 weeks, is offered every year to help Dutch scientists understand the services offered.

The shorter courses can be held in your own institute if the number of participants is large enough.



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